In an ever-expanding global marketplace, audio visual technology is becoming standard for industries across the board. Smarter Solutions works with businesses of all shapes and sizes to design, create, install and support custom audio visual solution that can provide a competitive edge and the power to communicate and collaborate more easily than ever before.

Our systems integration team have over 30 years experience in designing and implementing aesthetically pleasing and functional Audio visual engineering solutions into the corporate market place.

At Smarter Solutions we are able to offer a total collaborative solution with the skills of our Cisco architects and our Systems Engineers we can create and deploy cutting edge and bespoke solutions for any company boardroom, meeting room or command centre.

Our preventative maintenance solutions and service level agreements means your business will not be left in the dark when we are needed whether this be for a corporate event, service call out or site audits and warranty management.



Banking & Finance

Each day, financial managers on continents across the globe discuss time-critical investment opportunities. Accurate, fast information is critical. Video Conferencing and Display Solutions allow financial services companies to share information more effectively, answer questions more efficiently and provide a greater variety of services at more locations.





In manufacturing, time is money. Manufacturers know that when they streamline their processes, they gain an immediate competitive advantage.

Manufacturing teams can benefit from video collaboration solutions by simulating a face-to-face meeting, wherever they are in the world and in whatever environment they choose: on a factory floor, in an R&D lab, on the go, or in a conference room or immersive theater. This on-demand collaboration culture promotes manufacturing innovation and streamlines design and production processes.





Visual technology inspires retail sales. Dynamic displays and digital signage solutions engage customers and enhance their purchasing experience on the shop floor. Meanwhile, behind the scenes, this technology secures the real-time collaboration between sales staff and the teams in branch locations, remote warehouses and head office, locally and globally.

AV can make the difference when it comes to retaining existing and enticing new customers into retail environments and is leading the shift in the visual retail perspective.